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When people ask why we started Affordable Marijuana License, we always relate Dr. Pulido’s vision. He wants to give back to the community that gave him so much.

By not leaving for a high paying medical job in another state and starting a low cost clinic across the street from his old high school, Dr. Pulido set out to bring high quality care to those who can rarely afford it. Seeing the conflicts over health insurance and coverage only getting worse, Dr. Pulido knew he could not stand by, and so Emed was born.

But not one to rest on his laurels, once Dr. Pulido had several years of pain management under his belt (and Florida legalized it), Dr. Pulido jumped at the chance to offer a safe alternative to opiods. Seeing his chronic pain patients struggle with addictive and expensive pills, he knew we could do better. Affordable Marijuana License is his answer, and its success speaks for itself.

We are rated as the “lowest-cost medical marijuana prescription” overall by because we are trying to make sure everyone can afford to try this life changing treatment and not only the rich. Further programs such as our veterans discount and medical marijuana mondays are proof of our dedication, that will be here to educate and support any of our neighbors that need our help.

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November 2020