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One of the issues with medical marijuana is that there are very few studies that can provide clarity for patients and doctors. The schedule 1 status of marijuana is preventing desperately needed studies on the endless uses of medical marijuana. With all of the current uses of medical marijuana, think of the possibilities that may go undiscovered or delayed due to this senseless ban.

One of the few things everyone knows despite the ban is that marijuana is generally safer than alcohol, tobacco, or pills. What we don’t know is the myriad of things we could be treating but won’t, the new industries we could be dominating but won’t. Many scientists have been waiting and planning their studies for years but the uncertainty forces them to delay or cancel their plans entirely.

This policy is not only wrong but wasteful. We are wasting time on less effective treatments that have more side effects. We are wasting the time of our researchers and universities. Medical marijuana is already state legal in many places, and the federal policy only looks more hypocritical and backwards every single day.

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November 2020