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Many patients are frustrated by the high cost of medical marijuana. Dr. Pulido has done everything he can to make his services as low cost as possible, even making the first appointment free for those with a documented condition. Yet Florida still charges a $75 registration fee just for acknowledging your registration and sending you a card. And that is only the first hurdle. The way the medical marijuana law was designed, a patient will need to pay the registration fee and then pay to “recharge” their account every so often. And insurance will not cover it due to its uncertain legal status. Even with Dr. Pulido’s assistance this can be a lot to invest in a treatment. The sad truth is that so many of us are only one serious accident or diagnosis away from losing everything. No one should be choosing between food and treatment for their chronic pain. But that’s where we are and Dr. Pulido sees it every day.

We see it all over. Medical marijuana regulations focus on limiting the sale to a few companies who happened to donate to the legislators. Supply is low and prices are high. This is not only an issue with medical marijuana but health care services in general. People are dying: 15,000 Americans Died So Republican Governors Could Stick It to Obama

The only way to fix this situation completely is to legalize marijuana on the federal level and move to a medicare for all or public option system. Health insurance is a massive drain on our economy as people pay money out of every paycheck to the insurance companies who spend it on denying as much care as possible and send the profits back to their investors. Stockholders will never want to invest tens of thousands of dollars in a heart transplant, because where is the future return? Spreadsheets cannot account for how much you love your family and the value of a few more years of good health with them. Allowing a profit motive to decide the future of healthcare is obscene. But everyone will need care at some point and so it is a human right. And so these two things are fundamentally incompatible. Our healthcare system is broken, all sides can agree on that. Other systems work better, by any rational measure. The reason we are stuck with garbage is clear: money. We must demand better or we will be left behind.

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December 2020