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Dr. Pulido started Emed to give back to his community by providing affordable care. Over the last year he has added medical marijuana as a a new option to make sure he could offer the best care to this chronic pain patients. New medical treatments are never cheap but Dr. Pulido put in the time and came up with a program to offer a medical marijuana license (i.e. 1st appointment) for free.

His hard work has been recognized because Puff Magazine, a division of the The Coastal recently did a comparision of all the medical marijuana doctors in Jax, comparing every factor they could think of: 1st appointment cost, followup cost, smokable license cost, yearly overall cost… It was exhaustive. At the end of it all, Dr. Pulido is clearly the most affordable medical marijuana physician in Jacksonville (Phew we won’t have to change our name!). Check it out and compare for yourself: Link.

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December 2020