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One dangerous side effect of Florida’s 2016 Medical Marijuana bill being constantly challenged in court is that many products and businesses are basically operating with no oversight. Florida lawmakers were required to legalize medical marijuana by the referendum but did the bare minimum to allow their business friends to open a few stores and start printing money. Now that they have a foot in the door, everything else has ground to a halt. Court battles will go on and on while no further improvements are made to the medical marijuana regulations. This will lead to situations like this: Medical marijuana ‘drops’ pulled from Ohio store shelves, refund offered for some products. Everyone should be extremely cautious with any of these new medical marijuana products because there is no testing or approval process going on so you are relying on the standards and quality control of whatever company originally manufactured the product, which may not even be the name on the box. Would you happily eat from a meat packing plant that never had any inspections?

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November 2020