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For our blog post today we’d like to share a kind excerpt from a local paper that mentioned us:

“Everyone knows the cost of medical care is skyrocketing. The 2017 Employer Health Benefits Survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found workers paid an average of $5,714 toward the cost of a family insurance plan in 2017, while it was only $3,515 in 2009 (link). And that’s just for insurance! With a chronic condition, the costs are absolutely unbelievable and only going higher. The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, for example, found that “a yearly supply of medicine to treat the symptoms in an individual with Parkinson’s disease averaged $2,500 in 2010.” & that “a single surgical intervention to relieve some of the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease often costs over $100,000” (link). At a time when it seems like every aspect of healthcare is becoming priced out of reach of some communities, physicians have been looking for alternatives. As medical marijuana legalization spreads like wildfire, innovative doctors are trying figure out how to best assist those suffering from the many chronic conditions medical cannabis can treat while navigating this maze of ever-changing regulations and spiraling costs.

Announced today as a first step in trying to provide some relief to those suffering costly chronic conditions, Dr. Rene Pulido has developed a new program that eliminates all fees for getting a medical marijuana card even providing the first 30 day supply for new patients except the $75 State of Florida license fee.

Dr. Pulido is a first generation immigrant who was born in Nicaragua from a Cuban family. He came to Jacksonville at the age of 3 where his father, Armando Pulido, worked day and night as an auto mechanic so that Dr. Pulido and his brothers could attend Assumption Catholic Elementary School and Bishop Kenny High School. It was his father’s work ethic that helped Dr. Pulido study and graduate from U.A.C.A Medical School. After graduating from U.A.C.A, Dr. Pulido was accepted and trained locally at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville where he specialized in Family Medicine. Dr. Pulido had many national job offers after graduating Mayo Clinic but he decided to open his practice Emed Multispecialty Group across the street from the high school within the community that had given him so much.

Shortly after opening up his own practice, Dr. Pulido, sensing a need in his local community established the Northeast Florida Hispanic Medical Association. The combined work from Emed Multispecialty Group and also Northeast Florida Medical Association has given Dr. Pulido national notoriety when he was recognized by Congress in 2018 for his work with local charities and minorities groups.

For the last ten years Dr. Pulido’s office has grown to provide multiple specialties which include primary care, pain management, women’s health, pediatrics and podiatry.

When medical cannabis treatment first came out Dr. Pulido like many other physicians was skeptical. Yet due to the requests of cancer patients Dr. Pulido decided to fulfill the patient’s requests and he obtained the license that he needed to prescribe medical cannabis.

Dr. Pulido shared this statement: “As a doctor and a father, it pains me deeply whenever someone is denied medical care. Those suffering from chronic conditions like ALS, Parkinson’s, HIV, Glaucoma, Cancer, PTSD, and Epilepsy are among the most financially vulnerable and in some cases are being left behind, which is unacceptable. I’ve resolved to do everything I can to stop that, and providing affordable convenient relief with this program is only our first step. Everyone in our community deserves proper care.”

After a few months of prescribing medical marijuana to his cancer patients Dr. Pulido was astonished with the results. Dr. Pulido noticed that many of his patients stated medical marijuana treated their pain, anxiety, cramping and insomnia just as good or even better as controlled medications. Dr. Pulido also noticed that medical marijuana was good for Cancer, Chronic Non Malignant Pain, Epilepsy, Chron’s disease, HIV, AIDS, ALS, PTSD, Glaucoma, along with many other conditions that have similar symptoms to the conditions previously stated. Dr. Pulido was so impressed that he decided to open Affordable Medical Marijuana License Clinic, which can be found at

Making medical care affordable and convenient like paying a bill is still a long ways offf, but doctors in the Jacksonville area are not waiting around. Doctors like Dr. Pulido are trying all options and avenues to fulfill their oath, despite the direction of the industry. “

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