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With a change in the Florida law, edibles are now available from licensed dispensaries. If you are interested in edibles, read on!

What Are Edibles?

Edibles are defined as “commercially produced food items made with Marijuana Oil, but no other form of marijuana, that are produced and dispensed by a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center.” Marijuana oil is defined by two versions, “Marijuana Oil means oil derived from Low-THC Cannabis as defined in s. 381.986(1)(e), F.S(Medicinal cannabis, containing higher levels of THC)., or Marijuana as defined in s. 381.986(1)(f), F.S(low-THC cannabis, or CBD oil).

The latter is not the same as CBD oil from hemp, which was removed from Schedule 1 and deemed legal for interstate commerce and other use. This is CBD derived from Broad spectrum Cannabis, and only available from products produced by MMTC’s

Current law places a limit on the amount of THC in edible products only, which may only contain 10 mg of THC per serving and 200 mg in total. The amendment places a cap on THC at 10% potency for patients under 21 years old, with exceptions for those who are terminally ill and for patients whose doctors can argue a case for medicine with higher amounts of THC

How Do I Get Edibles?

  1. Have a current medical marijuana license & orders ( If you don’t and want to get one, click here)
  2. If you’re our patient, that’s it! We automatically give all our patient edibles on their orders and they can choose to use them or not.


How much does this cost?

Adding edibles to your order is free! Dr. Pulido is not trying to nickel and dime his patients. If you appreciate this service, you can always leave a good review or tell your friends about us!

The cost of edibles themselves will vary widely depending on the food product, medication strength, the dispensary, demand, etc. It’s best to call ahead or visit the dispensaries website to investigate their current offerings.

What are the benefits?

-Having more treatment options is usually a good thing! Some treatment methods will work better for some people and vice versa. Depending on the product it can be fairly affordable. 

-If smoking or vaping irritates your lungs or throat, try edibles!


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