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How Do I Update My Medical Marijuana Card

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If you have a FL medical cabbabis card and some of the information is out of date, its important to update it so everything is accurate. If you need to update the information on your card, first go to . This is the online Florida medical marijuana registry. You will see a login page where you will need the email address you signed up with and the password you created during the sign-up. If you’re not sure of the sign up steps we have a guide for that here.

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If you don’t remember the password use the “forgot password?” link under the the login box and they will send a password reset email to your email address that you signed up with. Once you are signed in you will see your profile and can click “Edit Demographic Information”, a purple button in the middle of the page under your name, address, etc. Then you can correct the errors, and click save to finish. Without the correct information, the Florida medical card you just worked so hard for might get lost in the mail! has several important forms, guides, links, and lots else if you need more information, or feel free to email us and we can help!

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