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Meet Dr. Pulido

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Dr. Pulido

Hi, I’m Dr. Pulido.

It’s great that you’ve come to check out my site, my goal ever since I started training in medicine was to help as many people as I can. After growing Emed Multispecialty Group to cover Primary Care, Pediatrics, Podiatry, Women’s Health, Senior Care, and even an organic vegan cafe & a salon, I was looking for a new challenge. Fortunately, Florida legalized medical marijuana and I was able to jump in.

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I truly believe medical marijuana can help with many, many conditions, some of which have some terrible side effects that only strong prescription medication or medical marijuana seem to relieve. Medical marijuana is one of the safest drugs on the planet so I will always recommend it over pain pills or any other kind of addictive prescription medication. Through the strong foundation of Emed & our low pricing we’ve been able to become one of the biggest medical cannabis doctors in the county. I hope you’ll come visit us if you need the relief of a medical marijuana license without the high cost.

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