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You shouldn’t have to choose between rent and pain relief. Dr Pulido strongly believes in affordable medical care, whether its medical marijuana or primary care. And so we’ve made it our mission that getting an appointment for medical cannabis shouldn’t cause you more stress, and we at Affordable Marijuana License are here to help by making this alternative medicine easy to sign up for, easy to renew, & available at the lowest prices in town, whether you are a new patient, a followup patient, or a transfer patient coming from another marijuana doctor in Jax.

Unfortunately, since medical marijuana is still fairly new and under different restrictions depending on your jurisdiction, insurance companies aren’t covering it yet. Dr. Pulido sees a wide variety of patients in his practice and he wants to make medical cannabis is within the budget of everyone who wants to try it. This is why instead of occasionally having a sale or a special, he always offers the lowest price in town, guaranteed. If you need pain relief or have any qualifying or similar conditions, choose Affordable Marijuana License, for cheap prices, not cheap service.

If you’d like to learn more, the Florida Healing Connection has a good article about the yearly cost of medical marijuana treatment here.

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