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Our Marijuana Gift Cards are the perfect way to let your friends and family know you care. Our gift cards never expire and are redeemed at our office location.

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Covers all Affordable Marijuana License Fees for a New Patient Visit. Please note the State of FL still requires a $75 registration fee to process the application, which is not included with this gift card.
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Reminder: The state of Florida requires an unavoidable $75 processing fee to add someone to the medical marijuana registry and send them their medical marijuana card, the state processing fee is due at the first appointment. This gift card covers our entire fee for a new appointment but does not include the state fee.

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Are You Tired of Shopping?

  • Are you tired of high prices and shipping delays?
  • Are you tired of giving gifts that don’t have any type of meaningful value?
  • Why don’t you give the gift of relief?

Medical marijuana treats all types of ailments from pain, anxiety, depression, weight loss, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, post traumatic stress syndrome, Parkinson’s and epilepsy. Show them how much you care and give them a gift that they will continue to use!


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    Getting an appointment for medical marijuana shouldn’t cause you more stress. We at Affordable Marijuana License are here to help make alternative medicine easy & affordable.

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