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Getting your affordable medical card is fast and easy. Becoming a medical marijuana patient is even easier! We have a short video to walk you through the steps or scroll down for a quick breakdown.

step one


Click on the “Get Started Here” link on the menu on our homepage and complete the short appointment request form. After you have submitted your appointment request online you will receive an email or text message confirming their appointment time and date.

step two


You will receive an email or call from one of our specialists who will confirm your information and schedule an appointment to get your affordable medical card. When you arrive for your appointment you will need to have the following documents:

  • a valid Florida Driver’s license or State ID (up-to-date with the correct information, including address)
    • or a valid Out-of-State Driver’s License or Passport
  • your Medical Records, if available

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step three


When you arrive, you will sign-in at the front desk and receive a clipboard with a short questionnaire to complete. Once completed you will be checked in by our front desk where they will collect your intake forms, valid ID, and payment of $160.

After a short period in our waiting room, we will take your vitals and lead you to a consultation room. You will be evaluated by the doctor, and we will begin processing your application with the State of Florida.

step four


We will provide some take home instructions on how to complete your part of the application and it will require the following:

  • Photo
    • Florida Driver’s License or Florida State ID holders this will pull from state database
    • Out-of-State License or a Passport – you will need to upload a passport style photo (any Walmart or Walgreen’s can provide a digital passport photo).
  • Proof of Residency
    • Florida Driver’s License – will connect to the FLHSMV database to pull your residency status (this allows for same day approval)
    • Florida State ID – this too connects to the FLHSMV database but sometimes you are required to take a photo of your State ID card which will take 5-10 business days to process
    • Out-of-State License or a Passport – you will need to provide documentation that you are residing in the state of Florida for a minimum of 31 days out of the year and will take 5-10 business days to process.
  • Your Signature (electronic)
  • Payment $75, plus $2.75 processing fee

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A group of three smiling doctors
step five


When your registration is processed with the State of Florida (usually instant for FL residents/5-10 business days otherwise) you will receive an email from the State of Florida at the email address you gave during registration indicating you have been approved. (Your card can take a few extra days to arrive but the processing of your medical marijuana status is usually completed earlier. Once you have been approved electronically you are able to visit the dispensaries using your driver’s license until your physical copy of your medical card comes in the mail, which typically can take up to 2 weeks.

You will be required to complete the online portion of the application every year to maintain your license and you’ll have a follow up appointment every 7 months for a new set of recommendations.

Your affordable medical card allows you to posses and transport medical marijuana. A recommendation is similar to a “prescription” it’s what allows you to purchase the medical marijuana.

Other Quick Things To Know

  • Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page and read through before your first appointment
  • Our prices DO NOT include the $75 State Fee
  • We only provide the licensing to purchase product. This is only to have an “order” sent to the dispensaries, which does NOT cover price of products. It allows you to go to the dispensary and purchase the products in the first place, similar to, but due to Florida law, legally distinct from, a prescription for prescription drugs

Are you an existing patient or a transfer?

No problem! Transfer patients will need to use the MMU to leave their previous doctor. Both transfers and followups can request an appointment here.

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Getting an appointment for medical marijuana shouldn’t cause you more stress. We at Affordable Marijuana License are here to help make alternative medicine easy & affordable.

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