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About The Flowery

The Flowery is flower focused, controlling every stage of the process, from seed to sale. The Flowery didn’t do a bunch of market research to structure their business this way, they did it because it’s the way they’ve been doing business on their farms for 100 years. The Flowery aims to provide an authentic experience with an unmatched product, cared for by humans, delivered with a personalized touch. They’re farmacists, not pharmacists, and when you’re a patient at The Flowery, you’ll experience their promise – they are here to lift you up!

Doctor Recommendation

Prior to buying cannabis at a medical marijuana treatment center (MMTC) or dispensary such as The Flowery, patients in Florida need to meet the eligibility criteria for a medical marijuana card. Qualified patients receive the necessary state recommendation from AML doctors to fulfill this requirement.

The Flowery – Jacksonville
8669 Baymeadows Blvd.
Jacksonville FL 32265
(305) 912-2929

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