Linalool, The Floral Pain Reliever


Where is Linalool Found?

Linalool is a terpene compound found in over 200 plant species, including cannabis, lavender, mint, cinnamon, and coriander, among others. Lavender is one of the best and most popular plant sources of linalool, as are rosewood and neroli oil. In fact, linalool is responsible for much of lavender’s signature scent and soothing effects. Linalool is also found in some fungi and bacteria.

Benefits of Linalool

Research suggests that linalool has many health benefits and uses due to the way that terpenes modulate how certain parts of the brain work. It’s been shown that linalool can impact one’s mood, sleep, sensation of pain, cardiac rhythms, muscles and more.

It has been shown to have several potential benefits, including:

Anti-inflammatory and Pain-Dulling Effects
This essential terpene can decrease pain perception in the brain by reducing overactive responses to injuries or illnesses. It can reduce inflammation, redness, irritation and swelling in the body— which all contribute to pain.

After surgery, lavender can be used to decrease the need for opioids by reducing the amount of pain patients experience. One study even found that this effect lasted longer than six months.

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Calming and Stress Relief
Animal and human studies indicate that linalool has sedative properties and can reduce nervous system activity that’s out of control.

Linalool has been shown to have a natural effect on anxiety. When someone experiences linalool, their parasympathetic nervous system is activated and they experience an increase in “rest and digest” capabilities.

Feeling powerful emotions thanks to a scent can be stimulated by the olfactory system. The sense of smell is associated with parts of the brain that control emotions and memory. The brain releases endorphins and serotonin through olfactory receptors when stimulated by the sense of smell. This linkage between the nervous system and other bodily systems is a key aspect of human functionality.

Certain scents can change the way our nervous systems process information by changing the behavior of certain brain cells. Terpenes have recently been found to change brain behavior by directly affecting neurotransmitters. This makes us feel more energetic, focused or even euphoric.

Because linalool is capable of reducing stress, it can lead to many health improvements, including:

  • better sleep
  • normalized blood pressure
  • less muscle tension
  • fewer headaches
  • improved digestion
  • enhanced immunity, and
  • more energy

Supports Immune System
Lavender is renowned for improving sleep quality and combating the negative effects of stress. This is because linalool helps support a healthy immune system. Linalool has anti-anxiety effects that seem to help counteract the stress response in the body.

This effect buffers the body’s immune function, increases markers of inflammation and changes how some genes are expressed. Linalool possesses antibacterial properties that help fight off infections. It also exhibits antioxidant and possible anti-cancer properties.

Neuroprotective properties:
Linalool is sometimes used to help in the treatment of neurological diseases, including epilepsy (spontaneous seizures,), because of its anticonvulsant properties. Research suggests that this terpene can alter brain chemicals involved in excitability and muscle contractions, such as levels of glutamate and acetylcholine, potentially helping stop seizures and protect the brain from damage.

Recent studies also suggest that linalool may hold promise for helping those with Alzheimer’s disease by fighting cognitive impairments caused by inflammation, brain plaque and other cellular abnormalities. One animal study found that inhalation of linalool over a three-month period helped with memory, learning and spacial awareness among rats with neurodegenerative disorders.

Strains Dominant in Linalool

Local Cannabis Strains in Jacksonvillle: OG Kush, Canna-Tsu, Velvet Glove, Maul Wowie, London Pound Mints, Strawberry Cough


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