Cannabis for Pain Awareness Month


The Impact of Chronic Pain

We all experience some sort of pain in our life. From scuffed knees as kids, to arthritis as adults, pain is prevalent throughout our lives. However, for approximately 50 million Americans, chronic pain is a daily part of their life. Chronic pain is any pain that persists past 6 months, or after the injury or trauma has healed. Sometimes the pain can spread to other parts of the body or increase even after the cause has been treated.

Chronic pain can debilitate people, change their lifestyle, and alter their plans for life. Everything eventually becomes affected by the pain. Doctor’s appointments take up time and financial decisions must be made. At the end of the day, those with chronic pain spend the rest of their lives trapped by the pain. Looking for an escape becomes a priority and many will try different treatments throughout their lifetime.


Many Americans rely on opioids or synthetic opioids to help manage their pain. The problem with opioids is the longer you use them, the higher your tolerance becomes and the more medication you eventually need. Opioids are dangerous when used in high doses long term or abused. Overdoses caused approximately 75,000 of deaths in America in 2021 alone. In addition, long term use can lead to organ damage, cardiovascular complications, and addiction.

However, options are available for those who suffer from chronic pain. While the pain for each individual is unique, things like massages, acupuncture, and adjustments can be a holistic way to ease some of the pain. In addition, there are a vast majority of Americans who use marijuana for pain. The best marijuana for pain will depend on the person, but plenty of options are out there for medical marijuana.

A Natural Way to Reduce Pain

Using cannabis for pain can be a natural way to help aid the treatment you’re currently on. Cannabis is a holistic method with no dangers of overdose or frightening side effects. Medical marijuana dispensaries have a variety of products that can be beneficial for both acute and chronic pain. Things like tinctures have a long duration and can help you make it through your work day, while a vape or some flower can help quickly ease the ache at the end of the day. Then an edible or capsule for the evening to help aid in restful sleep. The best marijuana for pain will typically be those with a more sedative and relaxing effect. Marijuana high in Limonene, Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Linalool terpenes have had the best effect for patients with chronic pain. CBD can be a great product for daily use that will reduce inflammation and help aid nerve pain like diabetic neuropathy. The best marijuana for pain is purely based on the individual themselves, and takes trial and error. If you have questions on how to get started or which products to try, speak to one of our Marijuana Specialists at your next appointment or over the phone.

A combination of medications, holistic routes, and cannabis can help work together to manage pain that just opioids alone can’t handle.

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