Marijuana For Depression – How Does It Work?


Mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression can be difficult to deal with. Many patients struggle to find a means to cope with complex conditions like depression and it is often difficult to find a treatment that works. In recent years, however, an increasing number of patients are turning to marijuana due to the effective results that many individuals experience.

A Washington State University study explored how using marijuana for depression, stress and anxiety was effective in patients. In the study, they focused on the different strains of marijuana being used and the dosage. The results of the study showed that marijuana reduces short-term feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress significantly, providing patients with real relief.

Let’s take a closer look at how marijuana can be used successfully in the treatment and management of depression.

Choose The Right Strain

Marijuana is a complex plant and depression is a complex disorder. While marijuana can be very effective in helping people with depression, it’s important to choose a strain that will give you the relief that you need. Marijuana affects different people in different ways, and different strains can be just as diverse. Speak to your marijuana doctor about choosing the right strain of marijuana for depression.

CBD Vs. THC For Depression

In the Washington State University research, the team found that marijuana high in CBD and low in THC was optimal for alleviating and reducing the symptoms of depression. While THC strains are more commonly found at local dispensaries, many local dispensaries also offer CBD strains. THC strains produce the euphoric high associated with recreational marijuana use, while CBD strains provide little to no high.

How Medicinal Marijuana Helps Depression

Marijuana can help individuals with depression in many different ways, depending on the person in question. For some people, marijuana can stimulate conversation, interest in old hobbies, and other creative endeavors, which can help patients to feel happier and more alive. Other patients find that marijuana stimulates the mind making them feel more engaged and connected with the world around them, leading to a sense of fulfillment and belonging, which help to alleviate symptoms of depression.

As everyone can react differently to marijuana treatment and management, it’s wise to speak to your marijuana doctor so you find the right strain, dosage, and consumption method to meet your needs and help you to combat depression moving forward. With the right guidance, you can be sure that you get the right prescription to help you deal with your depression more effectively.

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