Mental Health and Cannabis


Good or Bad?

The internet can’t agree on mental health and cannabis – is it good or bad for my mental disorder? The truth is, it really depends on you as an individual. But there’s a lot of articles out there feeding negative and incorrect information about cannabis and our brain.

Not much scientific research exists on the therapeutic benefits of marijuana because of its classification as a Schedule I Drug in America. This has led to a majority of the research being done on the potential risks and harm rather than the medicinal effects. The stigma against cannabis is still a barrier for a lot of people. However, there are people who primarily use cannabis to help treat and manage their mental disorders. It’s not necessarily impossible to make this holistic change.

Inform Your Physician

First things first – if you’re currently seeing a psychiatrist or therapist for your mental disorder make sure to be transparent about your mental health and cannabis use. Many of those in the medical field may not agree with your decision to start medical marijuana but you know your mind and body best. Your providers should still know that you are using other holistic methods in addition to your medication and treatment. This can open a discussion on potential interactions and how cannabis is either positively or negatively impacting your treatment. In addition, even if you begin to feel wonderful after beginning your cannabis treatment, do NOT stop taking your prescribed medications before talking to your psychiatrist. For many of us, those medications may be necessary even despite using cannabis.

Clinical and case studies have shown that patients with PTSD tend to see positive changes after starting medical marijuana. There are a multitude of products and cannabis strains developed specifically to combat anxiety, depression and aid in sleep.

Improving mental health with cannabis

Some strains dominant in particular terpenes can cause a sense of relaxation and calmness. Others can provide an uplifting mood boost. There are plenty of products available that ease stress and provide the physical and mental relief needed at the end of a long day.

Medical marijauna comes in many forms and because of that multiple needs can be met. Tinctures, edibles, and oral concentrates can last in your system and provide relief for up to 8 hours but onset can take up to an hour. This can help you make it through long periods of time without having to consume more marijuana throughout the day. Fast acting products like vaporizers and smokable flower can help ease symptoms rapidly as they onset within minutes, but unlike oral products will only last in the system for 2-3 hours. A combination of products from various routes as well as focusing on strains and THC/CBD levels can help you integrate medical marijuana into your mental health treatment.

If you have questions on how to get started or products to try, speak with our Medical Marijuana Specialists at your next appointment. As always go low and go slow when introducing new cannabis products to your system.


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