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Delivery Systems, Types & Strains of Medical Marijuana

In this section of our website, we cover many of the different formats and strains of medical marijuana and give some advice on how to choose what’s right for you. Much study is still needed, so the best advice is always to “start low and slow”, i.e. start with a small amount, & give it at least an hour or two before taking any more to see how your body responds. Due to the legal issues around marijuana in the United States, medical research is far, far behind in this area and so we would warn you to be cautious of anyone who acts like they know everything about medical marijuana. While researchers catch up, we need to learn all we can, take in many different viewpoints, start small, and be in regular communication with your doctor changes in your symptoms.

Cannabis Oils, Concentrates, and Extracts

Medical Marijuana Strains for Sleep & Insomnia

Strains of Medical Marijuana for Pain

Strains of Medical Marijuana For Depression

Strains for Fatigue

Strains of Medical Marijuana for ADD/ADHD

This section is always under construction as we try to provide a wide range of opinions and research so you can make an informed decision. If you have any useful information (that is backed with testing or studies) please feel free to email it to us so we can take a look and integrate it into the website.

Last Updated 12/21