Visiting Your First Dispensary in Jacksonville


Consider Your Personal Needs

Congratulations! You’ve finally gotten your Florida Medical Marijuana License and are ready to go to your first dispensary in Jacksonville.

What’s next?

If you’ve gone through Affordable Marijuana License, your recommendations will include Inhalation, Topical, Oral, and Sublingual routes as well as 2.5oz of smokable flower. This should give you plenty of buying power as most patients find they never reach their maximum milligrams within their 70-day period. Your recommendations are what give you the ability to purchase cannabis products to a limit and are what you will renew with the doctor every 7 months.

Bring Appropriate Documentation

If you’ve just had your appointment, there’s a chance you may not have received your Florida MMJ License yet. While approval can be the same day, the ID will take 2-3 weeks before arriving to you. Fear not, your local dispensaries can take your Driver’s License, Passport, or other valid State Identification while you wait for your ID. You now have a MMJ Profile that dispensaries (and yourself!) can look up to verify if you have open recommendations, enough milligrams in your routes, and a valid license.

Where to first? Each dispensary in Jacksonville typically offers a first time discount so you can stock up on multiple products to try. Take advantage of this as a time to discover what your favorite route or products are and shop around. Take a look at for a list of local deals and specials going on after you’ve used up your first time discounts. Many places also offer Senior and Veteran discounts. Over time you’ll find out which dispensaries you like the best and where to shop for specific items. Many places offer both pickup and delivery options to make the process easier on.

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Consumption Considerations

Now that you’ve picked a place to shop, what should you expect? Typically, a dispensary in Jacksonville will start with getting you checked in. They will verify you have a valid license and available recommendations to make purchases. You’ll have a short wait, then a budtender will help you pick out your products. Many places offer menus where you can look at what they currently have in stock and the prices. If you’re lost and this is your first time, asking for recommendations can help you start your cart. Budtenders have knowledge of their dispensary’s products and can point you in the right direction. If you have more questions regarding your treatment plan, Affordable Marijuana License has specialists available that can help clarify things for you.

Your products have been purchased, you’re on your way home, and you’re ready to start the experimentation process with your new products. What else should you know? Your products all have identifying labels marking them as your individual medical marijuana. These help protect you and signify to law enforcement that the cannabis in your possession is legally yours. Keep track of your containers and labels for storage. Your Florida Medical Marijuana License gives you the right to carry and transport your medication, so it is important to keep this updated yearly and on your person.

Start low, go slow, and enjoy your medical marijuana!

If you’re here in Jacksonville take a look at the local dispensaries to find which is closest to you.

Follow this link if you need help finding the right strain for you.

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